Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Thankful for Two Years

This blog post is dedicated to my husband, Lukas. We celebrated our second anniversary last month, and I'm so very blessed to be married to him. Marriage with him is an exciting journey!

Lukas and I first met in college at John Brown University. He was finishing his sophomore year and it was my senior year, spring semester. We discovered we had many mutual friends, but because we had both chosen to study abroad (I was in Spain spring 2009 and Lukas was in Northern Ireland fall 2009), we had essentially "missed" each other by a year. When we were finally in the same place at the same time, we quickly became very good friends.

Our friendship was primarily formed during Wednesday evening "library study parties" with a small group of friends. It was during that time we really started getting to know each other better. I was intrigued by this missionary kid who grew up in Peru. I found Lukas to be a very kind person, and strong in his convictions and his desire to follow Christ. Thinking about graduating and potentially losing touch with him was really hard, and I had to seek to trust God with the blossoming friendship and the unknown nature of where it was headed.

But we didn't lose touch after graduation. Over the summer we kept in touch through facebook messages and phone calls, and our friendship continued to deepen. In July, we started dating. Most of our time of dating and engagement was long distance, as I was living and working four hours away from where he was still in college. We made many weekend trips back and forth to visit each other during that time. Long distance dating had its challenges for sure, but it was worth it. I was really blessed by good friends who let me stay with them on those visits back to JBU.

Lukas is truly an answer to prayer, and such a blessing in my life. On August 6, 2011, Lukas and I got married!

Lukas is a wonderful husband who encourages me, makes me laugh and reminds me not to take life too seriously. He's so thoughtful and caring.

After two years of marriage: We've learned and grown a lot through the joys and the challenges of marriage. I love my husband, and I'm thankfully celebrating being his wife! I look forward to a lifetime together. 

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