Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Delightful Kittens!

Blogging world, meet Firestorm and Selah, the two delightful kittens that Lukas and I got this summer. Since we got married last August we have been wanting kittens... both of us grew up with cats, and we both love the cute, cuddly animals. However, our first apartment did not allow pets, so we waited in anticipation for when we would be able to get our first pets together. As soon as we put down the deposit on our new apartment this summer we started looking for options for some little kittens to add to our new home.

And we stumbled upon these two: a fluffy orange and white friendly little guy and a tortoiseshell colored, sweet and affectionate little female.  They were actually part of two separate litters, but grew up together out in Arkansas country. We found them through a posting on Craig's List. Being the cat lovers we are, we picked them up and brought them home the day after we finished moving into our new apartment. Hmm, what comes first, unpacking all those boxes or picking up our new pets? Yep, the kittens won out! 

Selah (black and tan kitten, known as a tortoiseshell) is such a sweetheart. She loves being held and will usually stay in our arms as long as we hold her. I have never had a cat who enjoys being held as much as she does.

Firestorm (the orange and white kitten), as his names implies, is a bundle of energy. He's very friendly and loves to be around people. For that matter, both cats are very much people cats.

Being kittens, they of course love to explore and get into mischief. Lukas has started trying to hide some of our plants out of their reach because they keep trying to attack and bite off the leaves! Firestorm really likes playing with wadded up paper balls. And we get a kick out of watching them chase around a little red laser that we direct all around the house.

Of course, they're kittens so they have their time of romping around, but they also sleep a lot. They're so cute when they take their naps!

They find the strangest places to sleep sometimes! As you can see, Selah thought my TOMS shoe would make a nice place to rest.

The best is when they fall asleep in your arms though. Awww! In this picture, Firestorm found a cuddly spot for a nap in Lukas' arms. Even as I write this, Firstorm has jumped up on Lukas and is laying on his chest. 

They also like high-up perches (such as Lukas' shoulder)... or the kitchen counter tops. We're working on training them to stay away from those!

What about you all? Do you have any fun pet stories? As for us, we sure are having fun with Firestorm and Selah. They brighten up our days!

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  1. They're adorable. I can't wait to meet them!